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Get Your Tickets: Seven Minutes in Eternity

Poster design by Jesse Jae Hoon Eisenberg

Poster design by Jesse Jae Hoon Eisenberg

Come see the NYC premiere of Seven Minutes in Eternity, a new play by Andy Boyd! Seven Minutes in Eternity tells the story of William Dudley Pelley, a journalist, mystic, and fascist, who would go on to run for President (winning four thousand votes in Washington State,) be tried by the House Un-American Activities Committee, and serve eight years in prison on charges of treason. This epic satire, both ridiculous and eerily topical, asks: what is the line between a visionary hero and a villain? Between dreams and delusion? And perhaps most frighteningly: what is the difference between a fascist supervillain...and us?

It has been thrilling to watch this crazy show come together over the last month. My castmates are all madly talented, doing some of the most outrageous voice work I have ever seen. It is at times hilarious, at times uncomfortable, at times uncomfortably hilarious. And it is, fortunately or unfortunately, a perfect piece for the times we are living in. Our playwright said it best just yesterday, in the wake of the Brexit vote: "My new play is about how extreme right-wing politics take hold in the minds of people who may otherwise seem reasonable, relatable, even likeable. If you're looking for a space to think about the frightening rise of the new radical right with a bit of aesthetic and historical distance, please come to the play. Art can help us make sense of turbulent times, and I believe with this play that's exactly what this team of designers, crew folk, actors, and director have done."

In a week, it will all be over. Get your tickets while you can for my current show, Seven Minutes in Eternity, a new play by Andy Boyd. We have three shows this week, June 30-July 2 (Thursday-Saturday) at 8pm, at the Schapiro Theatre on 115th Street. Details about the show can be found here. Tickets are FREE! Get them by emailing I would love to see you there, and you'll be glad you came.

"Be brave and courageous. Do not be terrified!"

News Update: Seven Minutes In Eternity

I've written a lot so far about self-started projects, teaching myself guitar and Hebrew, writing (and finishing!) my play, and so on. Today I'm happy to report a new production, Seven Minutes in Eternity, by Andy Boyd, going up at the Schapiro theatre at the end of this month. I'm doubly excited because in addition to acting, I get to exercise my fight directing skills, a particularly welcome opportunity in the absence of fighting at the Renaissance Faire this summer.

Some candid shots taken by our director as we staged the first slap of the fight.

Some candid shots taken by our director as we staged the first slap of the fight.

Seven Minutes is based on the true story of William Dudley Pelley (look him up; he's a trip - the title is a reference to how he described his "near-death experience") and takes place in the early 20th century. The show includes elements of a radio play and a superhero comic, giving us lots of room for hilarious over the top characters, big action, and serious storytelling.

We have weeks to go before opening night, but I'm already having a blast. I highly recommend checking us out - tickets are free! View the facebook event here, or reserve tickets by emailing Hope to see you there!