I've previously alluded to being cast in a project, and if you follow me on social media (which you can do by clicking the icons at the bottom of the page!) you may have seen some sneak peeks of what I've been working on. Future Proof is a series of live events leading up to an interactive show in the fall, the UVX. Our first event is this Saturday. Please Party Thank You is an 80s dance party, an augmented reality game, a puzzle, a rave, a guaranteed good time. I, Cipher Rage will not be there in the flesh, as I'm on an international mission of mystery, but if you unlock the right path, you'll get my phone number and find out some critical information to help you on your journey. Tickets are available here - earlybird discount tickets are sold out, but if you contact me, I might be able to get you on a list. I know some people.

Please come check it out, but if you can't make it, there will be more events and opportunities to party/save the world from corporate domination with us throughout the summer and fall, so stay tuned for updates!